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Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, "Jiyoung Yang" refers to the Hair and Makeup Artist(s). "Client" refers to the individual named in the Quotation/Contract. By submitting the deposit to Jiyoung Yang, the Client agrees to adhere to the following Terms and Conditions.


1. Payments


- A non-refundable deposit payment of 30% of the total service cost is due upon service confirmation.

- Wire transfer fees incurred are not included in the total price.

- Reservations made within 30 days of the event require full payment upfront and are non-refundable.

- The client agrees that the deposit fairly compensates Jiyoung Yang for committing to provide the services and for refusing other potential engagements.

- The quotation remains valid for one week. If the client does not sign/return the contract and pay the deposit within one week of issuance, the quotation becomes invalid.

- The individual who has agreed to the Terms & Conditions is responsible for the entire balance of the payment.

- Payment for services is to be made via bank transfer at least one (1) month prior to the service.

- All payments must be made one month before the event date. However, additional costs, such as last-minute services and travel expenses incurred locally, will be invoiced after the event. Transportation refunds and remaining payments must be transferred within a week of the invoice date.

- In the event of late payment, compensation calculated at three times the legal interest rate, as well as a recovery fee of 40.00 Euros, will be due in accordance with the Commercial Code.


2. Cancellation or Postponement


- All cancellations and postponements must be notified in writing to Jiyoung Yang three (3) months prior to the initial scheduled event date.

- In case of cancellation, the 30% deposit is non-refundable.

- If an event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19, deposits may be transferred as credits for new service dates, subject to new pricing. New quotations and contracts will be issued for the new dates.


3. Working Hours


- A fee of 200 Euros will be added to the service fee for beauty services starting between 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

- A fee of 100 Euros per hour will be added to the service fee if the beauty service extends beyond 8:00 PM.


4. Relocation Fees and Minimum Service Booking


- For services provided in regions within France outside of the Paris area, a relocation fee of 200 Euros will be added. The minimum service booking fee is 2000 Euros.

- For services provided in countries outside of France, a relocation fee of 400 Euros will be added. The minimum service booking fee is 4000 Euros.


5. Travel Expenses


- Jiyoung Yang will estimate travel expenses (excluding accommodation and local taxi fares) and book the relevant transportation. These costs will be included in the final invoice, with any excess amount to be reimbursed by the client upon receipt presentation.

- Clients are responsible for arranging and reserving necessary transportation upon arrival at the service site.

- As Jiyoung Yang travels with beauty equipment and tools, taxis are the only transportation option to and from train stations and airports.

- A fixed taxi fare for round trips from central Paris to any Paris train station is included. A fixed taxi fare will be added for travel through Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly Airports.

- If Jiyoung Yang arrives from another city/country, details will be communicated to the client prior to any bookings.

- Pre-booked transportation for guests can also serve as transportation for Jiyoung Yang for arrival/departure.


Luggage and Insurance:


- For train travel, book seats near the luggage storage area to prevent theft or loss.

- For air travel, Jiyoung Yang artists require checking in one 23kg piece of luggage for beauty products and one carry-on. Additional luggage costs will be added to the service fee.

- Comprehensive luggage insurance must be included in any transportation booking.


Food and Drinks:


- A fee of 50 Euros per 24 hours will be charged for each artist's food and drinks.

- If there are no nearby food services, the client must arrange meals during service hours.




- Clients must book and pre-pay for accommodations. The location and quality must be approved by Jiyoung Yang.

- Accommodations must be near the service venue with a minimum standard of three stars.

- Jiyoung Yang artists check in one day before and check out one day after the service to avoid schedule conflicts.


6. Disclaimer


- Jiyoung Yang artists are independent contractors and may refuse the use of unsanitary or client-provided tools.

- Jiyoung Yang assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged items.

- Clients must disclose any known allergies before service.

- Jiyoung Yang makes no medical warranties and reserves the right to refuse service for health and safety reasons.

- Jiyoung Yang may cancel services if unpaid or if an artist becomes unavailable, with the option to provide a suitable replacement or refund all payments without further liability.

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